Ten Amazon finds I have been loving lately

Alright, so I know bloggers and influencers are all “I love this product! It’s so amazing! You have to check it out!” and while some may truly just enjoy a product and want to share it with their online community, a good portion of them are transparent enough and tag it with #ad – akaContinue reading “Ten Amazon finds I have been loving lately”

November Wardrobe Haul

While I can’t remember the last time I stepped into a mall and purchased clothing, online shopping is sometimes just more convenient and low-stress. Over the past few months, and usually with a coupon code or savings ad that pops up in my inbox and is too good to refuse – I have acquired aContinue reading “November Wardrobe Haul”

Winter Wear Accessories

Raise your hand if you buy sweaters, hats, gloves, scarves, coats EVERY season – even when you probably don’t need to. Guilty as charged. It is so hard not to when designers and stores are continually making winter wear items in various colors, shapes, styles. Whether you get them for yourself or as a giftContinue reading “Winter Wear Accessories”