Simple 7 Layer Tacos

Driving home from work today, I knew that we needed to make a menu change from our original plans to something easy and delicious – read: tacos. After a long day at work, who really wants to spend hours in the kitchen preparing a meal that is so quickly devoured? What you need: -ground beefContinue reading “Simple 7 Layer Tacos”

Family Fun-day Sunday

After being cooped up in our house yesterday due to freezing rain, we were ecstatic to wake up to sunny blue skies and a bit of warmth. Determined to enjoy it, and because we will be avoiding the city as much as possible in the upcoming week, we headed into DC for a little pre-lunchContinue reading “Family Fun-day Sunday”

Korean Pork Tacos with Asian Coleslaw

Let me just begin by saying that I am not a big fan of pork, however I am a HUGE fan of tacos. Over the summer we ventured to Union Market in DC, and there I had a bite of a Korean pork taco and it was divine. In an effort to try new thingsContinue reading “Korean Pork Tacos with Asian Coleslaw”