Taking Care of YOUR Business

Taking time for oneself is hard in what we formally called “normal life”. Now that we are in the midst of a global pandemic, that extra layer of madness and surreal life makes it even harder. I am not a mental health expert, but a firm believer that if you can’t care for yourself youContinue reading “Taking Care of YOUR Business”

Working Mom Woes

As human beings, we wear many hats. We have jobs, families, friends, organizations, religious groups, sports teams – you name it – that we claim allegiance to and responsibility for. As women, sometimes those hats seem to grow heavier or taller or simply multiply on the daily. More specifically – the hats of a workingContinue reading “Working Mom Woes”

Tiny Humans

Before H was even born, my husband and were of the opinion that we were setting out to raise an independent, self-sufficient, self-thinking, tiny human being. We felt that from day one, we would treat her as her own person. We wanted her to see the importance and value of helping out, her voice, andContinue reading “Tiny Humans”