PAIL Awareness Month

Believe it or not, October is fast approaching. While you are most likely aware that it is Breast Cancer Awareness month, did you also know that it is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness (PAIL) month? Back in 1988, President Ronald Regan designated the month of October to babies gone too soon. Movements and missions haveContinue reading “PAIL Awareness Month”

What to expect, when you’re not expecting

This particular post has been forming in my head for months. I’ve struggled with what words I want to use, what information I want to share, what I feel like is just enough to say without offending anyone. In the end however, what type of platform would this be if I didn’t speak the raw,Continue reading “What to expect, when you’re not expecting”

Tiny Humans

Before H was even born, my husband and were of the opinion that we were setting out to raise an independent, self-sufficient, self-thinking, tiny human being. We felt that from day one, we would treat her as her own person. We wanted her to see the importance and value of helping out, her voice, andContinue reading “Tiny Humans”