Tiny Humans

Before H was even born, my husband and were of the opinion that we were setting out to raise an independent, self-sufficient, self-thinking, tiny human being. We felt that from day one, we would treat her as her own person. We wanted her to see the importance and value of helping out, her voice, andContinue reading “Tiny Humans”

New Years Eve Ideas for LOs

A long, long, time ago in what feels like a galaxy far, far away, we used to LOVE securing tickets to big events in the city to ring in the new year. However, as I have gotten older my desire to spend lots of money on these types of events has diminished. Sure going outContinue reading “New Years Eve Ideas for LOs”

Pinterest fail away – it’s okay!

So what was initially intended to be another quick craft for your kids post, quickly derailed and became a life lesson in motherhood – and adulting in general. What I set out to do, was show you how to make a “calming jar” for your kids. These jars are easy to make, and can beContinue reading “Pinterest fail away – it’s okay!”