How to build the perfect lunch bowl at home

Ever crave Cava or Sweet Green but not feel like spending the money or venturing out to get it? Me too. Pretty much all of the time. That’s why while it doesn’t seem ingenious, the task can seem a bit daunting, so here I’m laying out a step-by-step of how I recreate healthy grain andContinue reading “How to build the perfect lunch bowl at home”

Camp Momma-rama

It’s been “summer school/camp” over here for a few weeks now, and while I still try to incorporate some semblance of structured learning, IE- workbooks, reading, math, etc., it has definitely loosened since the end of the “school year”. Now more of our day is dedicated to longer nature walks, our home splash pad, lotsContinue reading “Camp Momma-rama”

Cactus Banner DIY Tutorial

Recently I hosted a fiesta themed party for my LOs 2nd birthday. While finding ways to decorate our home for the occasion, I found a beautiful glitter cactus banner on Etsy, but was saddened to see that it was a bit more costly than I liked. Instead, I set out to create my own versionContinue reading “Cactus Banner DIY Tutorial”