Nail Color Picks for Spring 2017

I inadvertently have quite the collection of nail polishes at home. I’d read various nail polish colors of the season articles every other season, and would find a few new bottles of color in my shopping basket. While I like the rainbow of colors in my collection, I tend to gravitate towards the same fewContinue reading “Nail Color Picks for Spring 2017”

Statement Stepping into Spring

It’s official. Spring has sprung (a bit early), and so have spring styles. While your normal wardrobe might benefit from some spring cleaning and a few new additions, consider revamping your shoe closet as well. So many clothing retailers are debuting statement shoes that would be perfect for upcoming holidays, celebrations, graduations, date nights, orContinue reading “Statement Stepping into Spring”

Laid-back Kicks

If you have looked at any clothing catalogs or fashion articles, you are aware of the growing fan base of sneaker head fashionistas. Beyond the pages of lululemon¬†and other athleisure brands, sneakers are being favored over pumps and platforms; and being paired with cropped slacks, flowy dresses, and much more. While designers are making pricey¬†versionsContinue reading “Laid-back Kicks”