Weekend read: How and when to share good news

In by no means is this an opinion piece that I feel strongly one way or another. It simply is a post I was inspired to write more for “food for thought”. Recently, I saw an interesting post on Instagram talking about “the right time to share good news”. It gave me pause because the older I get and more life experience I have, I realize that sharing news of any sort comes with a growing shift in perspective of “what about someone in the opposite position, and how might this affect them?” Embarrassingly, something that my twenty year old self didn’t always take into consideration.

Think about it. While you may be celebrating the purchase of a home, someone may have recently lost theirs. Someone celebrates getting hired at their dream company, another is let go. Someone shared envy worth pictures of their tropical vacation, while another has no time off of work or cannot afford the fare. An expectant mom shares their joy, and another struggles with fertility. While neither side of the coin is anyone’s fault or something to hide, it is important as human beings to be aware that while we celebrate, someone else is living in an opposite situation.

When I was pregnant with our first, I was elated. I could finally live out the Pinterest-like posts of announcements and monthly bump photos. I’d share my cravings and nursery progress – all of it. Never thinking twice about how it might read to someone else; or how it might make them feel. Come my second pregnancy, I started the same way. I hadn’t yet had the experience that would prevent me to otherwise. Sadly though, when we lost our son my perspective changed. When we were blessed with our rainbow baby, the elation was obviously there. However sharing its space in our hearts was a constant state of worry and anxiety. The best way to describe it was that I held my breath for nine months, everyday slowly letting only a little bit of it out at a time. Due to these circumstances and feelings, we tried to keep it as private as possible until the day she was born. It was then however that we shared our great secret with the world and were beyond grateful to be able to do so.

Sharing good news with the world is a topic growing in dialogue. This article from Psychology Today offers insight on the mental affects sharing news may have on others. If you want to read more, it’s an interesting read to check out and ponder. Additionally, a quick Google search will also conjure up others with equally as thoughtful insight on the matter.

I write all this to say that I think the answer to the question “when is the right time to share good news?” is that there is no right answer. Instead when you share, be tactful and mindful, as well as sympathetic with those who might be happy for you, but also feeing a personal level of sadness for their own situation. Good news should be shared with your loved ones and friends, it is absolutely your prerogative to share your news, when you want. I just feel that in a world where kindness and empathy need to be constantly cultivated, we also should be open to conversations and feelings that our news may bring about for others.

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