Weekend read: Paid Family Leave

Taking time off work is never easy. A lot of people will easily take it; but for many, there always is a hesitancy about scheduling the leave. Employees ask themselves if the leave is a necessity, do able, and how it’ll effect long term plans of banking leave for other life events. Sometimes, these headaches aren’t worth it and the leave stays dusty and saved for a “rainy day”. At least that is how I feel about leave despite being entitled to the amount slotted in my yearly contract or what I have saved from prior years.

While everyone has different leave allotments and views on this, I recently read an opinion piece on the matter from The Lilly website. In it, they highlight the stresses of leave after having a baby, and plans that are being proposed by today’s current administration. No matter how you feel about this topic, the read is a good one and a piece I wanted to share. Hopefully it resonates on some level for you, and that you can learn something or sympathize with another’s experience. Check it out.

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