Garden party activity for kids

Our oldest little one turned six recently, and true to her style, she requested a “plant/garden” theme to whatever sort of celebration we did. After much consideration and care, we decided to do a very small (two other families) outdoor “party” to honor her and her special day.

In planning this, we were working around soccer games and nap time, so I didn’t want to make it overly complex and elaborate. Just something simple that her and her friends would enjoy. I love interactive activities for kids that also double as the take away or party favor. It helps keep things streamlined, in theme, and in budget. For this party I found colorful plastic berry bins at Target in their Easter section. I purchased one for each family, so that both children in each family could share. In the bins I added two terracotta pots, an inexpensive set of kid gardening tools that I found at Target, a pair of gardening gloves for each child, cute Lindt chocolates that were wrapped like ladybugs and bees, and two tubes of bubbles. The honoree then added notes to each of her guests as well as fresh picked flowers from our garden.

After pizza and mini cupcakes, we spread out a large picnic blanket in our driveway. Guests then were given their baskets, potting soil, and petunias to plant. Afterwards, they enjoyed using our spray hose to water their creations as well as our garden. All in all it was a very simple, very sweet, and seasonably appropriate activity.

For the items I used to create these gardening bins or similar versions, click through the gallery below. Each image is linked to the retailer if you are inclined to recreate this on your own.

One thought on “Garden party activity for kids

  1. Beautiful, Brit! What a great idea and wonderful take home “prize”. You may have created some life long gardeners. Hope you are compiling all these ideas and one day soon-send it to a publisher.


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