Ten Amazon finds I have been loving lately

Alright, so I know bloggers and influencers are all “I love this product! It’s so amazing! You have to check it out!” and while some may truly just enjoy a product and want to share it with their online community, a good portion of them are transparent enough and tag it with #ad – aka they get paid to tell you they love it.

A long time ago I saw a product placement being endorsed by Scott Disick. While whatever it was he was promoting probably still made him some major money, the best part was that when the caption was posted with the picture he (or his team) didn’t edit out the part that revealed the caption was not even written by him, but instead the company who sold it. Ever since then I truly raise an eyebrow and chuckle when influencers are pushing something, especially when multiple ones promote the SAME one around the SAME time. Admittedly I have followed the swipe up links from time to time, or even gone as far as to buy something from a link, but more often than not I usually stay away. (Sorry official bloggers, but it’s true. At least for me.)

Basically all that rambling preamble was to now show you a few Amazon purchases I’ve made over the last year that I honestly do love, enjoy, and haven’t regretted purchasing. Why should you separate me from other people who tell you about “products they love”? Well if I’m being honest, and I am, I have such a small IG audience and do not and will not be making any money off of you; so in other words, I legitimately like them.

Below are a curated list of items that I have personally purchased and can attest to their quality and worth. All items are linked through the picture.

Amazon Essentials joggers

2020 may be over, but my love of lounge wear is fledgling and expanding as we speak. These joggers are very affordable, look like regular brand versions, come in an array of colors, and are super soft and cozy.

Amazon Essentials crewneck sweatshirt

Similar to the joggers, this sweatshirt is a steal of a deal. I enjoy my sweatshirts to be a tad oversized, so I tend to buy men’s ones and size up. This sweatshirt is long enough to wear with leggings without showing the world too much, is super warm and soft, and for $15 is a great buy.

Vaenait Baby pajamas

So this isn’t a new Amazon discovery, but it is 100% worth mentioning. These kid pajamas are probably my favorite ever. They are silky soft and the quality really holds up. The girls have quite a few pairs and I can truly attest to their durability.

Ginsey Growing Up Green bamboo step stool

Sleek in design and great for sustainability, this step stool works for kids trying to reach sinks and counters, but also would make for a great by the tub stand for bath bombs and salts.

MianYang moisturizing hand gloves

Like everyone else, my hands are very dry this time of year. These hand masks have been saving me lately. While the brand recommends using them twice a week, I have found once a week works well too. What’s even better is that these come in a pack of five and for the price really out shine single use packs you might find elsewhere.

Sunjoyco felt sunglasses holder

This lightweight sunglasses holder contains and displays all of your specs in one place. It comes with two metal over the door hooks or a thick string that you can lace through the two holes at the top, knot, and hang for use. I adhered mine to the wall with a metal Command hook, and it works well.

Vienrose Photo Album

These linen photo albums have self-adhesive pages that make photo placement easy to do. They also come with a gold pen if you like to scrapbook or note details about your various photographs.

Gezan Silicone Donut Baking Pan

We got these for Christmas and have already used them multiple times. The easiest thing we have found is to use various muffin mixes and adjust accordingly to a quick Google search for donut recipes. Additionally, we made our latest batch with Alton Brown’s donut glaze recipe and let me tell you – they were amazing.

All Occassion greeting cards – 100 pack

I tend to send blank cards more than theme specific ones. I find they are more versatile and are great to have on hand for a quick thank you or note. I used to buy ten packs from Target but found myself buying them over and over again. Why it never occurred to me to buy blank cards from Amazon I don’t know, but here we are. Anyways, I found these early last year and have used them A LOT.

Nantucket Bicycle Basket

Back in the spring we spent a lot of time teaching our biggest little one how to ride her bike. As a treat, we found this classic style wire one. It’s sturdy and durable, even when she takes a tumble and the bike falls over. I was worried with the plastic or wooden style bike baskets they’d crack instantly, so this was the perfect fit.

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