Easy recipe to try for your next taco night: Kiwi Salsa

Move over traditional salsas. There is a new guy in town and he is stealing the show, at least when it comes to fish dishes like salmon tacos. While kiwis may not seem like a likely contender for a salsa, it makes sense when you consider other “newbie” flavors like peach mango and pineapple. Something about the sweetness of the fruit adds a unique and refreshing flavor to traditional dishes.

Kiwi salsa

Tonight we made salmon tacos (which side note: are also very easy and make for a unique take on boring salmon dinners). In an effort to use up some kiwis we happened to have in the fridge, to try something new, a quick Google search, and a few tweaks to cater to what ingredients we did have – kiwi salsa was made.

Easy and healthy dinner idea: salmon tacos. Simply coat salmon filets in olive oil and taco seasoning. For this meal, I did a mix of Trader Joe’s Chile Lime seasoning and taco seasoning. Bake for about 15 minutes until done. Then flake the salmon to use as taco filling.
Another staple for taco night in our house is cilantro and lime sour cream. Simply mix fresh lime juice and finely chopped cilantro with your favorite sour cream. To make an even healthier version, substitute your sour cream with Fage Total plain Greek yogurt.

One thought on “Easy recipe to try for your next taco night: Kiwi Salsa

  1. This sounds delicious fresh tasting! Papa made eggplant today-first time from store bought and it was tasty.

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