Simple Costume Ideas

Costumes can be fun to buy, but can be pricey and add up. They can also be pieces that last a lifetime if you can sew (I cannot). So to get around BOTH of these issues, I have turned to one type of item as the base for many of our Halloween costumes – sweatsuits. Thankfully the past three years costumes have lent themselves to this style, so it really has worked to my advantage. If she ever wants to be a princess though, I’ll have to rethink my game plan.

The first reason I love using sweatsuits as the foundation of any costume is because Halloween usually tends to be pretty chilly. Instead of taking away from the outfit with a jacket or sweater, the layer of warmth is already built in – genius. A second reason that I love the sweatsuit route, is because it makes the costume more unique and stand out in its own way. Another reason I love it, is because sometimes it proves to be a bit cheaper in cost, thus allowing me to spend more on the accessories that accompany it. Lastly, and probably my favorite reason, is because the sweatsuits can be then recycled as normal day-today clothing.

In order to carry out my sweatsuit style Halloween costume, I usually turn to Amazon. Sometimes you aren’t as lucky to find a matching sweatsuit in the color that you need, but a few quick searches (sometimes even in the opposite gender’s section) usually turns up exactly what you are looking for. A few years ago my daughter was set on being “a pig with spots” (direct quote). She knew for months that that was what she wanted to be, so while I put off finding the right costume, I finally decided she wasn’t wavering and went with it. Enter: our first sweatsuit based costume. Using a pink sweatshirt and pants I found on Amazon, I adhered spots of brown felt all over it with fabric glue, topped her off with a pig nose, ears, and tail, and voilá a pig was spots was created.

Boo at the Zoo – 2018

The following year she wanted to be a walrus. Thankfully this particular interest really lent itself to a puffy oversized look, and again a sweatsuit fit the bill perfectly. Using a brown one this time, we accessorized with an adorable felt walrus mask I found on Etsy. Unfortunately the shop I purchased ours from seems to have closed, however you can find similar felt masks here. To create her flippers, we used a cheap pair of black gloves, and fastened felt to them.

Walrus at the garden center scavenger hunt – 2019

This year was our third sweatsuit based costume. She decided she wanted to be Winnie the Pooh (her little sister accompanied her as Piglet). Using Amazon a third time, I was able to find a yellow sweatshirt, sweatpants, and a plain red T-shirt. To finish it off we bought an inexpensive Winnie the Pooh headband for the ears, and painted a little nose on her face using some black eyeliner.

Winnie the Pooh (and Piglet) – 2020

Don’t get me wrong. We have our fair share of ready to go costumes and outfits that the girls love to dress up in on any giving Tuesday. In fact, this week is one of the best times to stock up on costumes for dress up or even next year. One of my favorite after Halloween sales is at Hannah Andersson. The costume accessories are quality and can be reimagined with a set of PJs, sweatsuit, or other clothing. They are also very classic looking, and seem like the sort of thing you’ll have for your kids kids. A second favorite spot to stock up for the following year is the moms Mecca – Target. I have usually done well in the past loading up line reduced cob webs, strobe lights, etc. Sometimes even when you aren’t sure why, picking up some of these items to have on hand helps with inspiration for future costume ideas to come. I hope you and your family had a sweet and safe Halloween celebration this year, and are able to create some of your own sweatsuit based costumes using my tips above!

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