Leesburg Mini Guide

One of our favorite places to spend the weekends is out and about in Leesburg. Whether it is at some of their gorgeous wineries or breweries, grabbing cappuccinos at Shoe’s, treasure hunting at antique or reclaimed materials places, or going for a hike – it is truly filled with countless opportunities for family fun and adventure.

Our first stop on our outing today was to my favorite – the Lucketts Store. We were able to get there a little after open and while the parking lot was full, we were able to treasure hunt in the outdoor shops and spaces there. While the inside is a trove of You Might Find It, we are still trying to avoid non essential indoor spaces as much as possible so we remained on the grounds outside. We love this place for a lot of reasons, but especially because of the countless picture opportunities for holiday cards. It is a popular spot for this however, so timing it is crucial to avoid lines. Across the street from the shop is the Lucketts Community Park, which boasted a large, flat, grassy area, huge playground, and picnic pavilion. Surrounding and nearby are a few other antique spots, as well as Roots 657 which has good food and artisan snacks, wines, and beer.

@gardenhatherings space at the store
@gardenhatherings space at the store
@gardenhatherings space at the store
@gardenhatherings space at the store

After we left the shop, we went up the road about two minutes to Brossman’s Farm. There, we set out to select our pumpkin for Halloween and some local jam. It reminded us of the countless farm stands up in Long Island Wine Country; and while we normally opt for one of the local grocer deals of 2/$10, this stop was part of our outing itinerary and helped support the local farming community. Located right on Route 15, you can’t miss this bountiful, open air farm stand.

Around the corner about two miles from Brossman’s, is the Barnhouse Brewery. We had never been to this particular brewery before today, and it is now one of our new favorites. The grounds are well maintained, had clean facilities, and was a quiet alternative to some of the larger ones (which we also love but have been avoiding throughout the pandemic) nearby. Most importantly though the beer was delicious. We sampled a few of the brews such as their IPAs, Oktoberfest, and Lager. All were perfect and paired well with our picnic and the cloudless, blue sky day that we had.

Our last stop on our outing out west was to visit the grounds at Morven Park. Perfect for a fall day, you could spend hours walking around the gardens and grounds of the mansion, watching the horses practice their jumps in the countless fields, or even enjoy a hike. You can even pack a picnic as the mansion parking lot had a handful of picnic tables – each very spaced out from the next. In normal times, you are able to visit and your the inside of the mansion, but for now the outside has plenty to do and see.

Since we were already pushing nap time we were unable to make it downtown Leesburg for a coffee from Shoes Cup and Cork or grab tacos from Señor Ramon Taqueria – maybe next time.

2 thoughts on “Leesburg Mini Guide

  1. What a day! Gorgeous! I love the idea of spray painting a trike white-that may find its way into our garden when our little ones are grown. Your photos are beautiful. I had lots of plans to work in the garden today and then it was beautiful today and warm so Papa and I sat on the beach and read for a couple of hours-have not done that for at least a month! Hard to believe it is mid October already.

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