Cocktail Cold Pizza

Growing up as an Army brat meant we moved. A LOT. I lived in six different states before the fifth grade. One of the places we lived, my dad served as a battalion commander. Not only did this mean he was in charge of a large group of soldiers, but also meant my parents had to attend and host numerous dinner parties where my brother and I were sequestered upstairs with episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark? and Alex Mack. (Those references will quickly date me and label me as a 90s kid; and so be it.)

While I’m not sure if my Mom’s version of this recipe originated there or elsewhere, it is one she made frequently when we hosted others in our home. I always loved the combination of flavors and fresh taste of it, even as a child. It is also great because it could be tweaked to fit vegan diets or more carnivorous palettes. While this version is not the original I grew up with, due to quarantining I attempted at making it with what I had at home, and let me tell you it’s a very close second.

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