Upcycled Rainbow Bugs

A few weeks ago I shared on my Instagram a simply DIY STEM project H and I did to supplement of Very Hungry Caterpillar themed lesson. It’s way it’s simple and a great way to work on sorting, counting, patterns, and fine motor skills. It also helps kids exercise their creativity while using up something in a whole new way.

For the rainbow bugs, you simply need multiple applesauce/pouch food lids, pipe cleaners, and possibly googley eyes and glue. (H vetoed this for her “bug” collection, but I think it could have been a cute add on so I included it in the supply picture.) I also mixed everything up, and as her first part of the project asked her to sort the lids by color.

To create, I had H select a pipe cleaner and o e of the kids. She laced the lid on the pipe cleaner and then I helped twist and tuck the end around the lid to secure it. After that, she laced the rest of the lids she chose on to the pipe cleaner. Leaving a good amount of space at the other end of your “bug” will allow you to put another lid of a different hue for the bug’s head, and then again to wrap and secure. Lastly, use smaller pieces of pipe cleaner as the antennas. To do this, simply tuck the smaller piece under the exposed pipe cleaner on the head and then twist. Then if you can decorate with stickers or eyes to finish to look or keep it plain and simple like H decided to do. That’s it! Super easy and a great craft to build on a variety of topics.

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