Camp Momma-rama

It’s been “summer school/camp” over here for a few weeks now, and while I still try to incorporate some semblance of structured learning, IE- workbooks, reading, math, etc., it has definitely loosened since the end of the “school year”. Now more of our day is dedicated to longer nature walks, our home splash pad, lots of arts and crafts – LOTS, and good old fashioned play. While the break in coming up with weekly and daily themes is welcomed, I am a person who thrives on structure and routine. It is because of this that on occasion we throw a theme in to switch things up and guide our week. So during this particular week we had “Camp Momma-rama” – all things hailing back to the good ole days of summer camps and Salute Your Shorts.

Last summer we had a tie dye party that was a ton of fun and easy to do. So much so in fact, that my LO asked that we do it again. So I rounded up the unopened dyes from last summer’s kit and a few all white cotton based pieces for us to use. Tie dye is messy and requires some patience but super on trend and fun. It’s also easy to make it your own whether you decide to use a kit or go the au natural route and use fruits and veggies. Additionally there are numerous techniques so that your pieces vary in not only color but also pattern and design. My personal favorite is creating the ombré or washed out look. To do this, simply paint a higher concentration of the dye in one area and then using a clean brush or paper towel soaked in water swipe it in the direction you want to go. This will smear the dye and begin to fade the further from the original spot you made.

Another activity we did during our Camp Momma-rama, was beading bracelets. I’ve noticed a lot of costume jewelry places selling small colorful and metallic beaded bracelets for astronomical prices. So instead of paying for one of those I threw the craft into our summer camp week since bracelet making and summer camp almost seems synonymous. This was great not only as a self-serving activity for myself, ha, but served as a math, spelling, and fine motor skills activity. My little camper practiced counting and patterns with the beads as well as spelling with her letter charms. Basically a win-win for us both.

Lastly, we painted nature. This was such an easy activity that was stretched out over the week. While on one of our many nature walks, we collected magnolia leaves, pine needle branches, and pine cones. We then used the pine needle branches as brushes, and decorated the other nature items with non-toxic water based paint.

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