Sunshine Dough

I’m an adult, and I still love playing with Play-doh. I mean really. It’s super relaxing, satisfying, and not to be a weirdo but, I love how it smells. Thankfully my daughter loves it too, so I don’t feel so strange being in my 30s and having it around the house. Growing up my mom was amazing at making it from scratch and I always was so impressed that she knew how to do it. I’ve been meaning to attempt this myself for over a year now, but time and life always got the best of me. So now that we are home with nothing but time on our hands, it seemed like a great edition to our “mom school” routine. My daughter LOVES the color yellow, hence the reason I made ours that hue and named it “sunshine dough”, but I envision future recipes with other fun names that correlate in one way or another to their shade and scent.

I’m not going to write a thousand paragraphs here detailing my life story and what not. I mean I get it. If you’re putting the time into writing a blog post, then put the time in. But as a consumer of Internet recipes, sometimes I just want the author to get to the point and tell me what I need to know. So here you go:

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