Maternity Style

It’s been almost a year since my last post. Over the past few months I’ve had countless ideas for posts, but had zero energy to write them. A lot of what I wanted to share was maternity and parenting related as that has been a great focus for me this past year. I always hesitated though as I never officially announced my pregnancy, and in turn kept my experience and thoughts to myself. Now that my daughter is here, happy, healthy and we have become more adjusted to our new family dynamic (not to mention sleep being at a premium), I am inspired to try again with writing in this space.

Recently, while pumping at work mind you, I read an article on The Washington Post about maternity fashion. The author’s stance was that there isn’t much choice for expecting moms when it comes to cute, trendy, and chic clothing options. However, I must politely beg to differ. During all of my pregnancies, I have tried to shop by a few style guidelines that not ingenious, but more practical – at least for me. 

First, shop what you love. For me, whether it’s the hormones or just age, I’ve always felt a bit more adventurous with my fashion choices especially in the later months of expectancy. During my first pregnancy I splurged on a leather jacket, and I wore it with everything from leggings and Tshirts to flouncy tops and even cocktail dresses; and I seriously considered purchasing Timberland boots and on trend overalls with my last. While I never made the plunge on the later, I did feel more confident in my everyday wear, and rarely thought twice about any bit of extra flair I added to an outfit.

Second, shop the brands and styles you always gravitate towards – just make sure to size up. By doing this, you’ll feel like yourself and have clothes to outfit yourself with during and after pregnancy. This is key in that your body takes some time to bounce back so stretchy waistbands don’t stop being useful the day your babe is born. It is also helpful for avoiding the feeling of having nothing to wear and not feeling like yourself. You already love those brands so why let pregnancy stop you from enjoying them.

My next guideline was to buy staple “maternity” clothes, but to limit it and go with normal non-maternity styles and looser fits – think tunic length T-shirts, leggings, boho dresses, and cotton based stretchy materials. Since my most recent pregnancy peaked during the summer, I added a few pairs of maternity jean shorts to my closet and lived in them during and right after pregnancy. I also tried to steer away from too many shirts with ruching and empire waists as I felt they had a shorter lifespan in my closet. During pregnancy your body is constantly changing and wardrobe choices shrink by the day. It is because of this you don’t want to pigeon hole yourself with clothes that may only fit for a small window of time.

Another guideline I gave myself, was to shop my closet. I found new ways to wear pieces I already owned, thus allowing me to get more use out of things that may have sat idle in my walk-in, otherwise. Below is a an example of this, where I took an old long length beach cover up and knotted it under my bump. The material was lightweight enough for the hot weather and long enough to cover everything.

Advance apologies for the bad mirror selfies!

In summary, dressing a bump can be a hard road to navigate. Just stick to what makes you feel good, comfortable, and confident. Lastly – no matter what you put on, enjoy it! Dressing a bump can be and should be fun!

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