Anti, Anti-vaxxers

It’s a hot topic in the news lately, we as a country are beginning to see the effects of what not getting vaccinated does to a population. It’s not pretty. Measles outbreaks are ramping up, and it truly is leaving a lot of us scratching our heads as to why.

Let’s go back to a time when this country was in its early adolescence. People were chartering unknown territory, crossing treacherous terrains to establish a better life, and building a society with their hands. To add to their stresses, diseases began wiping out large numbers of people. Their solution? Create a solution that would withstand time and preserve the population. Balto, the infamous sled dog, was even sent on a mission to secure a serum that would reverse and combat a deadly outbreak. You see, the people back then were resourceful and willing to risk life and limb so that others wouldn’t perish to these diseases. Flash forward to today, and while the solutions of the past have withstood time and been improved upon, we as a society have people going, “Nah. I’m good.” What?!

As a parent and an educator in the public school system, these anti-vaxxer groups simply bother me. (The exception to this in my opinion is if your stance is simply perpetuated from a religious belief.) I do believe in vaccinations and modern medicine. I believe that we should put trust in the modern world, doctors, and researchers, and have faith and gratitude of their willingness to ensure measles/polio/diphtheria/you name it – outbreaks are simply something written about in history books. Since I am a proponent of vaccinations, as is my family, when did it become my job to protect you? We are vaccinated, and in turn are ensuring that we are one less family unit contracting and exposing deadly diseases to others, perpetuating and contributing to outbreaks. However, if someone who doesn’t share my same sentiment does come by us, you won’t develop these diseases. In essence, we are helping protect them. So then why is it my responsibility to protect them when they aren’t willing to protect themselves?

On a somewhat of a smaller scale, is the controversial flu shot. I get mine every year. However this year, despite my getting the shot, I also came down with the flu. Now I know those who oppose my belief are raising an eye brow and are mouthing “told you so”. However, while it wasn’t fun and wiped me out for almost two weeks, not to mention the Uber embarrassing mask I had to wear in public, my symptoms were greatly reduced due to the fact of having the vaccine in my system. Let me tell you, I was thankful.

My point is that it is imperative that we as humans believe in things. It is even more imperative that the things we believe in are founded in solid research or faith. Simply reading a mommy blog post (mine included) or other social media outlet about how the CDC is backed by Big Pharma and/or how these vaccines that scientists have worked tirelessly for decades improving upon are really poison is asinine. Social media is an opinion driven market with very little factual information to back it up. Be accountable for what you say and post and make sure you can reason why. Believing in the online “research” is almost as deadly as the actions of anti-vaxxers.

In sum, do your research, do your part.

Disclaimer: While I am sure this post may anger some, please remember that I, like you, am entitled to my opinion regarding this topic. Above all else, remember what your mother taught you and if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all.

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