Minimalist Nail Art

I’m going to keep this post short and sweet, just like my nails. I’ve never been a huge go to the salon kind of person, although I do enjoy the experience from time to time. I usually keep my nails on the shorter end, and I change my mind on colors so frequently, not to mention chips, that I find it easier to just do them the majority of the time at Salon de Home. You can purchase the tools you need for a great at home manicure at your local CVS or other similar store. The tools won’t cost you too much, and over time the cost you invest in your manicure kit will out weigh biweekly visits to your favorite salon.

While I own (and probably could stand to be thinned out) quite a rainbow of shades, colors, and brands, my go to hues are pale/neutral pinks, a bright red, and dark-almost-purple black. It is probably no surprise then, that nail art has never been my thing. While it looks great on others, I am pretty Plain Jane about what I want to see on my hands day in and day out. Lately though, I have been liking minimalist nail art. You know, simple lines or dots in a contrasting black or gold on a neutral base. Nothing crazy, but just enough of a pop that keeps things a bit more interesting.

As many of you of you may have read in my latest post about starting my “clean(er)” skin care product journey. While I mentioned in that post that I have yet to fully convert my makeup, I have made a few purchases in this realm, with nail polish being one of them. At Target, I have picked up a few bottles of defy & Inspire 9 free nail polish. Each bottle rings up at $7.49, and the line comes in a variety of colors. While I have enjoyed this product, Target and other retailers have been selling more and more nail color lines that are free of some of the harsher chemicals that traditional nail polishes use. In other words, if you are transitioning your products, it is becoming increasingly easier to do so and at a better price point to boot.

Getting back to nail art though, as a novice “nail technician”, I envisioned anything I set out to do would look more like a Pinterest fail than anything else. However with a little help from more skilled artists out there and the Internet, I discovered a fool proof tip on achieving the simplest nail art designs. Hairpins. Simply bend the hair pin slightly, dipping the bigger of coated ends in your polish of choice. Next, create a simple dot design using the painted end. It is better to use less polish at first and then to go over it again and again until the “art” is exactly as you would like it to be. Finally, brush on a top coat to make your nail art last longer. That’s it. Super easy, and doesn’t require additional purchases on your end. It also achieves that minimalist vibe without being too much. If you are interested in doing more than a dot here and there, there are many other small scale designs you could create using this same technique. For instance, try a small dark purple or black heart on an accent nail for Valentine’s Day. It would be a refreshing and fun way to switch up your regular reds and hot pinks, and would be a fresh and subtle take on the lovey-dovey holiday spirit.

If you are feeling adventurous however, check out this quick DIY video on YouTube by cutepolish. In it, they discuss five different types of nail art you can do at home with other products you already have laying around. Good Houskeeping also has a picture filled gallery of 3 step tutorials that they claim novices can successfully handle. Regardless of whether this “trend” is for you, it is always fun to try something new regardless of how small it may be, especially in the new year!

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