Red raspberry leaf tea


Back when I was expecting our first child, I approached my doctor about drinking “pregnancy tea”. If you are unfamiliar with the tea, it is a blend of red raspberry leaf, nettle leaf, and a proprietary blend of spearmint life, lemon verbana leaf, rose hip, and alfalfa leaf. Drinking it in pregnancy is supposed to help the uterus tone and prepare for labor. Then, my doctor hadn’t heard too much evidence on it truly helping with labor pains, however said it was safe to drink and allowed me to drink it during my last two weeks of pregnancy. When that time came, I would come home from work and make myself a cup of the tea and sip it while sitting on an exercise ball – all to the tune of The Real Housewives of something or other. I am not a medical expert by any means, and all of this is possibly coincidental, but I had a very easy, very short labor, with an equally minimal recovery. Suffice it to say that I quickly became a believer in the powers of this tea.

Recently, I have done a ton of research and inquiry into ways to improve women’s health at all times – not just pregnancy. In my research, I have come across countless holistic and natural remedy articles regarding the benefits of drinking red raspberry leaf tea. This caffeine free beverage is full of vitamins and minerals and serves as a great antioxidant – thus giving your immune system what it needs. It helps aid in digestion, helpful with easing inflammation and skin irritations, improves heart health, and more. For women, this tea is supposed to help with overall women’s health by toning the uterus, balancing hormones, and helping in fertility.

While the taste of red raspberry leaf tea is pretty bland, I like to steep some in conjunction with a green tea with mint tea. I do not drink it every day, but aim to sip a cup a few times a week. Since drinking it, I have noticed that my skin is more balanced with monthly breakouts minimal. I have also noticed an improvement in my women’s health, including a more even keel in mood swings and minimal cramps. As all things go however, always consult your health provider before trying something new.

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