Soul: Under Construction

For the small, wonderful, handful of you who actual follow TBN and read the posts here (I appreciate you btw), I just wanted to touch base regarding my hiatus. I know I don’t owe anyone any explanation for anything, BUT lately I have started using writing as an outlet for my thoughts and feelings. Something about the flow of the words from my brain into the keys and onto the screen has become therapeutic of sorts. While those of you who only know me here are probably thinking this is a nonsensical rambling, please know that it is of purpose and point.

Recently, life dealt me a hand I never had foreseen coming. A new reality that I wish was a dream. For the past couple of months I have been living in what feels like a parallel universe. I think, “This isn’t supposed to be my life. This isn’t what we were planning for.” But it is, and forever will be. With the let downs in life, come lessons that you can never really teach someone until they find themselves in a place where they have to get themselves out. Of course the support from loved ones helps, but all the advice in the world can’t really change how someone feels in their soul. It simply penetrates it, with hopes that it’ll make an impact on them for better. For me, I am beyond grateful for a quick turn around in my own soul. Throughout all of the dark I’ve found glimmers of light. These glimmers have enabled me to get up in the morning, put a smile on my face, laugh, be thankful, and refocus on life. I have learned that we can easily get so consumed in things that don’t matter. Social media (ironic as I am using an online platform), can make us feel inferior, insignificant, and inconsequential. Mindless scrolling through photos of others vacations, purchases, and outings, can isolate us as individuals. This simply shouldn’t be true. The next time someone else’s photo makes you feel this way, put your phone down. Go outside. Admire nature. Contemplate the things as small or grand that give you happiness. Be thankful for them, and continue to live. Life will keep on keeping on, and you need to be part of it. Despite all of the negativity and darkness, you have to know that life is FILLED to the BRIM with wonderful and amazing things. Find the ones that speak to you, be thankful, and live.

Thanks for reading my little word splash. I hope some of it resonates with you, and that you too can find ways to refresh and refocus on aspects of your own life.


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