Amazon Prime Samples

So today I learned about something that I think sounds SO amazing, I cannot believe I didn’t know about it before. If you are a member of Amazon Prime, you are privy to a special Amazon feature called “Amazon: Prime Samples“. In this magical category, you can choose from a wide variety of item types. Users can select from food and beverage, nutrition, baby, beauty, skin care, and more. In each group, there are a number of products you can select for the small fee of $2 each. There are also sample boxes for a few more dollars (about $8-10). What is even better about this sample group, is that when you purchase a sample, you are given a credit towards another purchase or selection.

I am currently eyeing the following products to stock our house with.

Amazon Samples

RXBAR Kids -Berry Blast

My LO snacks A LOT. So while I try to give her a healthy variety, I am always looking for new snacks for her to try.

Kind Bar in Dark Chocolate Mocha Almond

Just like our LO, we enjoy having a variety of snacks on hand to curb our appetites, especially at work or on the go. While I have no doubt this bar will be filling, I am thinking the flavor will make it a high contender for repurchasing.

The Bean Coffee Company – Organic El Grano Suave

We are coffee drinkers in our house, and having plenty on hand is essential.

R+Co Atlantis Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner 

I have used several of their other product samples from various Birchbox shipments I have received. Each one that I’ve tried, I have loved, so I believe this will be no different.

Baby Mum-mum Rice Biscuits for Toddlers

We used to buy the teething crackers from this company when our babe was little, and she loved them. Thinking these will be a hit with her as well.

Bambo Nature Sample Premium Disposable Diapers 

Because let’s be honest, when you have a newborn you go through diapers like nobody’s business – so it never hurts to have more. I’m going to start stocking up now.

While you may not understand my excitement over this “discovery”, I encourage you to check it out. To me, it seems like a great way to snag some snacks or coffee to have on hand, or even as a way to try out something new without paying full price.

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