Weekly Meal Plan Ideas

Diets are fast and fleeting and while some may show instant results, sticking with a plan can be hard. One thing we like to strive to do in our house is to use the Mediterranean “diet”. This diet consists of foods that people in countries around the Mediterranean Sea dined on. (I’m currently working on a post that details this “diet” in more detail, so stayed tuned!) Additionally, my husband and I always try to use the balance and moderation approach to what we eat. If we are eating something not quite healthy such as pizza, we try to have a big bowl of mixed greens on the side. We also try to eat the rainbow in most meals we consume. If you aren’t familiar with that dietitian phrasing, it just means to incorporate all of the colors of the rainbow in natural form. This means, blueberries for blue, spinach for green, banana or squash for yellow – you get the idea. What I have found is that it easier to eat more “colors” by finding combinations you like. One of my go-to combos, as noted below in the chart, is a smoothie that consists of orange juice, frozen tropical fruit, a banana, scoop of organic whole milk yogurt, spinach, carrots, and a few florets of broccoli. Consume this or something similar, and you’ve already consumed about four different colors all before you get your day started.

While we don’t adhere to this diet ALL of the time, because pasta/pizza/tacos/doughnuts/beer/etc. exist and life is too short to not indulge on occasion, we do try to incorporate elements of this for most of our meals throughout the week. Usually if I haven’t been sticking to these types of food for consecutive meals, I can just feel it in my body. It is hard to describe, but my body just feels blah. The way I get out of that feeling is by pulling what we have dubbed as “a Very Hungry Caterpillar” and eating my way through a green leaf – which comes in the form of a salad, smoothie, or veggie heavy bowl.

Below I have categorized various foods and meal ideas that I usually consume throughout the week, as well as some “tips” for certain foods.

Meal Plan Ideas

I’m not a dietitian or a doctor, but if a “diet” can include things like wine and chocolate, count me in!

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