Getting Started with Essential Oils

If you saw my recent Style & Health post, you read that I was recently getting into essential oils. While I am not sure I’m ready to jump in and order every oil on the market and substitute over the counter medicine for them, I do like the idea of promoting healthy living in a more natural way. Since my diffuser arrived, I have been doing a lot of research about the best oils to have on hand for someone who just wants to do the basics.

Top Ten Essential Oils

While you can have fun mixing your favorite scents together for your own custom blend, sometimes you may find yourself in need of a specific essential oil recipe. Below, I have rounded up some of the easiest oil combos using the staple ten oils from above.

Essential oil pairings 2

While the possibilities are endless with these oils, there are also a great deal of resources online to further guide your understanding of essential oils. If you are like me and order them on your own and not through a vendor, make sure you are purchasing ones that are 100% pure. Since you are using these to better your health, spend the extra money on authentic products, so that you really are aiding in a better life from the inside out.

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