Decorating on Budget: Challenge #1

I have always been a guilty shopper. I LOVE to shop for an array of things, but I always – ALWAYS – have a feeling of guilt afterwards. Especially if it is something I really didn’t need (read: closet contents). The same goes for decorating our home. While I do like to keep things relatively simple decor wise, I really enjoy adding seasonal or holiday themed elements to freshen things up. I also don’t like things to linger past their prime too long. Yesterday I came home from work and immediately took down all of our Halloween decorations; and now that Halloween is over and Thanksgiving and Christmas are upon us, I thought I’d challenge myself to decorate our space (mainly our door and dining room table) for a set budget of $40.

After a little thinking, I decided that I’d use “natural” items and a color palette of whites, creams, greens, and some metallic hues that could extend through Christmas (more bang for your buck, literally). Originally, my idea was keeping most of the wood of our rustic farm table exposed, simply using a burlap/neutral colored runner down the middle. On top of the runner, I envisioned a garland of cotton blossoms and eucalyptus branches intertwined. On top of the garland, I thought of placing  white or sage green heirloom pumpkins. While MOST of my vision came to fruition, the pumpkins stumped me. In years past, pumpkins have always gone on sale the week following Halloween. While banking on this, the pumpkin kings had other plans. I could NOT find heirloom pumpkins where there at been NUMEROUS days prior. Seriously. Where did they take all of them, and why was there SUCH a rush to put out the rosemary trees?! Oh well. Pumpkins were out, and I opted for candles instead.

I ventured out to At Home, which if you aren’t already familiar with, is the MECCA of affordable and stylish home goods and furniture. This place is beyond amazing. In need of a lamp? They have 5 aisles dedicated to lighting. Looking for outdoor cushions? They have about 10 aisles stocked full of any color and pattern combo you could ever dream of. Interested in sprucing up your walls? They have endless aisles brimming with small and large picture frames, as well as wall decor. Basically, whatever you are looking for – they probably have and it is all very affordable, meeting price points for every budget.



Sparkling cotton garland – $16.99



Faux eucalyptus branches – $3.99 each ($8)


Rose gold taper candles – $3.99 each ($8)

Everything else used, I already had around the house making the total cost of this project $33 – $7 under my originally set budget. While this ended up only covering my table, the remaining portion can be later put towards our door or our tree later in the season.



Even if budgeting isn’t a complete necessity for you when it comes to decorating your home, adding to your closet, or enhancing another aspect of your life – it can be a fun exercise in seeing how far your dollar can go and how crafty you can be. With the holiday season approaching, I challenge you all to see how far you can make your dollar go. If you’re up for the challenge, use the hashtag #3BNdesignchallenge and share how you are decorating on a budget this holiday season!

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