Dinner party decor

I wish I could have a better excuse as to why I haven’t posted in awhile. I don’t. I’ve been busy with my real life-life that most evenings I haven’t been able to muster the energy to upload pictures and post about various recipes I’m cooking, exciting things we’ve been doing, and the what not. With all that said, here is a short and simple post highlighting some of the decor and themes I’ve used for a few of our dinner parties.

For Father’s Day (I told you I am VERY behind on posting), we held a pizza party at our home. Decor was simple, channeling Sicilian lemons and coastal Italian vibes. Our menu consisted of a cheese board appetizer, antipasto, and homemade pizzas with a varieties of toppings.








On another occasion late in the summer, we hosted a family brunch. For this we decided to keep it very simple. Our menu was a variety of breads for toast, banana bread with chocolate chips, made to order omelettes, bacon, fresh fruit, and mimosas. My husband cooked the bacon outside on a hot plate. Not only did this free up room for me to prep and set up, but also kept our house from smelling.

DSC03564 DSC03567




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