Potty Training – The Scoop on Poop – The Beginning

First of all, let me say I am by no means an expert on the subject – BUT we have started and figure sharing our experience here might be helpful to some. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, we started what we dubbed “casual potty training”. Basically we would have our LO use the restroom when we changed her diaper. Every time she went, we would track it using a potty chart. Our DIY potty training chart can be found here. In all honesty, we never got around to making a FULL week on the calendar due to summer travel, which led to never really rewarding her when she filled it all out. Talking to her teacher at school however, this was for good reason. She told us to try and steer away from potty rewards since using the restroom is a natural and essential process. I agree. Maybe we will reserve a “treat” not a reward, for when she is OFFICIALLY potty trained.


In order to prepare for this process, I went to (my favorite) Target to stock up on clearance shorts and tops. I figured if they got ruined during her training, it wouldn’t be a HUGE loss. I also stocked up on several packs of underwear (one of which is Peppa Pig because she is obsessed and figured it could be extra motivation to make this change). The next two things were HIGHLY suggested to us by her teacher: Crocs (or other waterproof-easy-to-clean shoes) and Baby Oxy Clean (*didn’t know this existed until she told me, but apparently it’s a miracle at getting out #2 stains).

The Process: 

Armed with these items, some beach towels, cleaning supplies, and extra strong coffee and donuts, we sequestered ourselves in our house trying to remain in areas that would be easy to clean such as our basement. In two of our bathrooms we set up step stools (IKEA has some great CHEAP options that are plastic and easy to clean), as well as the toddler potty seats that can be placed on top of your regular toilet.

After her first diaper change of the day, we had our LO wear underwear and easy on/off shorts. Throughout the day we would take her to the bathroom every thirty minutes. We will increase the amount of time between potty breaks when she doesn’t go at one of our 30 minute intervals.

Additional Tips: 

  • Start with day time training first. Worry about nighttime training later on when they have a better handle on the process.
  • IF you have to leave your house place your LO in a diaper, but ONLY for the car ride. Once you arrive at your location take off the diaper, and reiterate to your LO that diapers are only for car trips and sleep for the time being.
  • Apparently the Baby Oxy Clean is good, but to be careful with it with jeans. I have yet to use ours, so will update on this if I can. I guess it has something to do with possibly making the dye run.
  • Do not worry about upping your child’s intake of fluids. Simply encourage them to consume their normal amount of fluids and foods.
  • Constipation may happen, as your LO is trying to hold it, and may have counter effects. If this happens, steer clear or laxatives as it will work against what you want to accomplish. Instead, feed your child with high fiber foods such as fruits and vegetables.
  • When your LO has an accident, try not to respond with comments such as “It’s okay!” this may signal to your child that accidents are okay. Instead, try saying things like,”Oh you had an accident. Let’s go clean you up.”

In the end, and as with all things parenting, do what you feel is right. As I stated at the beginning of this post, I am not claiming to be a parenting expert. I am simply sharing what I find and do with our LO with others in hopes it helps with their parenting journeys as well.

Will keep you updated on our “Scoop on Poop”! So stay tuned! … and send wine 🙂

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