Favorite Etsy Shops

Sometimes I think SO much technology and SO much accessibility is a bad thing, but then I remember how in this day and age, achieving goals is a lot easier than years ago. One of these amazing outlets is Etsy. Not only is this online vendor for handmade and vintage wares a great source for unique gifts and ideas, but is also such a great way for everyday people to highlight their talents, reach people globally, and make a little profit while doing it. While there are an infinite number of vendors on Etsy, I have gathered a few of my favorites, what I like to buy from them, and why – here.

  1. Super Adorable – What I love about this vendor is the super simple, super cute felt headbands for LOs. Since my LO was born, I have been routinely purchasing felt bows from Super Adorable in a wide variety of colors and styles. The headbands are not too tight on my LOs head, do not seem to bother her, and add the perfect touch to any of her outfits. We always joke that bows are “gender identifying”, so even when she sports her Nirvana t-shirt, a coordinated bow helps people know she is a girl. Another reason I love this vendor is her flexibility and easiness to work with. Prices are reasonable, quality is great, and she is happy to customize orders. I have been a repeat buyer of the Mix and Match 3 Bows for $11.99.bows
  2. Angies Prints – Angies Prints are super cute prints that jazz up any space. From water color fruits and lip prints to fun quotes, Angies Prints have a variety for all styles. The shop even has a section for “Instant Download”, so if you are in a hurry to decorate your space, check it out! One of my favorites is the Pineapple instant download. I think it would be perfect on a shelf in a LOs room, or bright open shelved kitchen.pineapple
  3. Hemleva – Love simple, modern, unique decor? Then you have to check out Hemleva. Hemleva has a variety of home decor pieces that exude modern elegance. The designs of this shop have simple and clean lines, and add an element of uniqueness to your home. My favorite items are the brass sconces and air plant holdersbrass sconces
  4. Paper Fox La – Paper Fox LA is a go to for cute, whimsical paper garlands for events. Their tissue paper tassel garlands come in a wide variety of colors, with a little something for everyone. One of my favorites from this shop is the Rose Quartz Tassel Garland .garland5. ChaChaCoutures – I was so sad to find out that my go-to leather moccasin vendor had closed their shop on Etsy, so I can’t link it for you here. But, determined to find a comparable vendor, I stumbled upon ChaChaCoutures. ChaChaCoutures is a great shop for those of you (like me) who love the Freshly Picked moccasins for babies, but can’t justify the price. Their styles look identical and prices are a fraction of the cost. Moccasins are made from 100% genuine leather and come in a variety of colors, so you can afford multiple pairs! shoes
  5. Jewelry Blues – A great online resource for simple jewelry that can personalized in a variety of ways. My favorite piece is the roman numeral date gold bar necklace. It is simple and unique, and less than $30! I got my LOs birthday in Roman numerals on mine, and I wear it almost everyday.

gold bar necklace

While there are countless amazing shops on Etsy, I have only highlighted a few of my favorites here. Which shops do you love? What products are your favorite finds? Would love to hear from you in the comments below!

One thought on “Favorite Etsy Shops

  1. Hello those are great sites. Would you mind checking my site out? It’s on Etsy as well as instagram and Facebook called MEP’s Creations As a local artisan I would love to hear your feedback. I’ve included my website below.

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