Taco TWOsday

Well, it’s still hard to believe, but our LO recently turned two. I feel like it was just the other day that I saw the line on the stick that confirmed all of my intuition’s sneaking suspicions. While the nine months I was expecting her, the night we dashed off to the hospital, the homecoming, her firsts – all seem like yesterday, I can’t imagine what my life like was before her and I am ever so grateful for the opportunity to be her mom.

As most parents know, the first few years you are all able to dictate (for lack of a better word) certain things for your children, such as their Halloween costumes and birthday party themes. While they have likes and dislikes and opinions of their own, they also are small sponges that are just happy to absorb all of the things this world has to offer, rather than be picky over costumes and themes. With this knowledge, I decided to keep her birthday party with our friends simple and fun for all. Since she loves saying the word tacos/eating “deconstructed” ones, so with a little play on words we threw her a “Taco TWOsday” birthday fiesta.

I take a lot into consideration when hosting an event. The first step I took when planning her party, was to scour Pinterest for taco bars, cacti, and fiesta themes. After pinning various ideas that appealed to me, I created a birthday party inspiration board that helped guide what items I needed to buy and create.


When you are planning a children’s event, and guests under the age of 5 are prevalent, you have to make sure that there are things for them to do. Under the age of 5 can be hard however, so keeping this in mind I searched for simple activities that would appeal to the miniature crowd. When planning this party, I found miniature DIY maracas (24 for $13). I wrapped our coffee table in butcher paper, and put out a collection of dot paint markers. Children were encouraged to decorate their maracas however they chose – and then decorate their own take away bag with pre-cut cacti and stickers. While the children seemed to like this station, even our adult friends enjoyed making ones for themselves.

Since it was pushing 90 degrees on the day of her party, we set up her inflatable pool and filled it with rubber duckies who were decked out in mariachi and fiesta gear. The little ones were able to splash and play with the ducks, as well as select a duck or two to take home with them. While they played, adults were able to visit over tacos, margaritas, and beer.



















I tried to keep decor simple and easy, utilizing some elements (the paper flowers) from her garden-bee 1st birthday last year, as well as borrowed items that fit the theme from my parents. To supplement these things, I planted a bunch of succulents and miniature cacti in various pots. Since we normally keep live plants around the house and garden anyways, these turned into home decor pieces when the party was over.

While planning her party, I fell in love with a beautiful glitter cactus on Etsy. Unfortunately, it cost $25 without shipping and I felt as though that was a bit too high for something that I may or may not use more than once. As I continued my “research”, I found one for $4, that I ended up adding glitter and tissue paper flowers to on my own. If you are interested in copying this idea or doing one similar you can see my DIY tutorial here. 

All in all the fiesta was a hit, and I’m glad our friends were able to help us celebrate our LOs birthday.

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