Cactus Banner DIY Tutorial

Recently I hosted a fiesta themed party for my LOs 2nd birthday. While finding ways to decorate our home for the occasion, I found a beautiful glitter cactus banner on Etsy, but was saddened to see that it was a bit more costly than I liked. Instead, I set out to create my own version and was very happy with the results.

What you need:


-rubber cement

-hot glue


-tissue paper 



Step 1: Visually plan out what you want your banner to look like when you are done customizing it. While I could have gotten carried away with the glitter (I mean who wouldn’t?), I opted for doing only the cactus in a pattern, and skipping some of the smaller pieces.


Step 2: Place your banner on top of a paper plate or towel to keep glitter from getting all over your house.


Step 3: Add a thin strip of rubber cement where you want the glitter to go, and then shake glitter carefully over the painted area. Continue until you have covered all of the banner that you wish to add glitz to.


Step 4: Using a hot glue gun, apply small ripped and roughly rolled pieces of tissue paper to the tops of the cacti. Continue until the end of the banner.


Step 5: Once all of the glue has dried, gently wipe off the excess glitter from the pieces of your banner.



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