Easter at Home

This past Easter my husband and I hosted a joint family dinner. The weather was perfect which allowed for some quality time out on our deck for appetizers, drinks, and plastic eggs in the pool for the LO. To make our lives easier, we asked our family to bring a dish or two, which I highly recommend for all of you who host events. Asking others to bring a few things not only lessened the stress of hosting, but allowed for a collective feel to the meal.

For decorating, I tried to use various gifts and heirloom pieces. While it is always nice to use these pieces for special events, it also brought more of a sense of family to our dinner, allowing us to honor those who were unable to be with us. I also assembled small “Easter baskets” for our guests that were placed around the table.

While this day was super sweet and wonderful, it also came with the onset of the dreaded two year old behavior. Our little one somehow got the memo that day that she was turning two years old, and kicked up the sour patch kid act. Fingers crossed it is due to molars or is just a weird little phase, so far it hasn’t been our best moments, but we are learning to cope. Suggestions for surviving the terrible twos is HIGHLY appreciated!












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