Nail Color Picks for Spring 2017

I inadvertently have quite the collection of nail polishes at home. I’d read various nail polish colors of the season articles every other season, and would find a few new bottles of color in my shopping basket. While I like the rainbow of colors in my collection, I tend to gravitate towards the same few shades time and time again. In recent years (maybe since pregnancy?) I have noticed that my nails tend to peel at the ends (THE HORROR). Seriously. I have also never liked chipped polish, and once I get a chip, I feel the need to take it all off. It is because of these two things, that I give myself my routine manicures at home, as I can’t justify paying $$ as frequently as I change my polish choices. It is also why I tend to gravitate towards neutrals and pale colors, as when they chip it is less noticeable than my favorite wine hued purples.

While I will probably mostly wear neutrals this spring, there are a few bolder shades that could be fun, unexpected color choices in the coming weeks. All of the following Essie polishes can be purchased at your local pharmacy or Target, as well as on their online site. Each polish retails around $9.



Another brand of polish that I LOVE is Revlon’s Parfumeire line. While there are not as many color choices as there are with Essie or other brands, the Revlon Parfumeire line includes a range in shades and colors, all with their own unique subtle scent. Some of my personal favorites are the Lavender Soap, Pink Pineapple, and China Flower shades. The scent is sweet and subtle, while the color applies well and looks great. Prices vary, but are comparable to Essie and OPI.


Are you a fan of bold or neutral shades? Which shades and/or nail trends are you excited to try this season?

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