The Skinny on Dry Shampoo

Hair-makeup changes as you get older. When I was younger I had to wash my hair every single day; and it seemed to grow quickly. Now that I’m older, I don’t have to wash it everyday and it grows at a snails pace no matter what I do. In regards to the washing, I do like to rinse with water everyday though, and freshen its overall appearance with dry shampoo. Up until a few years ago, I had no knowledge of dry shampoo other than Heidi Montag’s freak out on a 2009 episode of I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! (Yes, I most definitely linked that for your viewing pleasure – grab the popcorn.) However, when I started using dry shampoo I’ve quickly learned that there are so many different types out there, and while they are all intended to achieve the same goal, you really have to figure out which one is best for you.

The first thing to warn you about is the range in cost. There are an infinite number of affordable ones that you can pick up on any old pharmacy run, and then there are ones that might set you back closer to $20 or more. Personally, I have a hard time justifying that kind of cost on yet another beauty product, and really wish that travel sized versions were available so I could try them before I break the bank. Until then, Birchbox will continue to be my road to sampling for such items.

Another thing to warn you about is how to use it. One of the first times I used dry shampoo, I sprayed and started to style when I was horrified – my hair had turned WHITE. In order to get rid of the dry shampoo evidence and looking like Cruella De Vil, I had to use my hands to rub it into the hair, and then spend a few minutes brushing out the excess powder – something I learned is fairly typical for a lot of dry shampoos.

Lastly, I recently read an article on Refinery29 regarding the downsides of dry shampoo. Too much use of such products can dull your hair and dry it out. If you begin to solely rely on dry shampoo for your hair cleansing needs with few breaks to actually cleanse your scalp, you can run the risk of building up so much oil and dirt that you could break out on your face (gross, but when that dirty hair hits the pillow that your face also uses, the oil can easily transfer).

With all of that said however, dry shampoo does work wonders for prolonging hair styles and not over washing. It also is great for adding texture to clean hair when you want to maximize your hair for various styles. Below are a few different dry shampoos that I have tried over the years, and my thoughts on them, and where you can find them. All of them do a great job, you just have to spend some time and money figuring out the best fit for your and your hair.


  1. Sexy Hair Big Sexy Dry Shampoo – Ulta $17.95 – While the product works well and smells great, I felt like it always left my hair super dried out. Perhaps Big Sexy would work best for super oily hair types.
  2. Herbal Essence Naked Dry Shampoo – Target $9.39 – Currently have this one in my medicine cabinet. It smells great and doesn’t over dry my hair. When I spray it, I do not have issues with visible white powder.
  3. Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray – Amazon $46 (I had a sample from Birchbox) – While I loved this spray, I can’t justify the price for a staple product. It does a great job, adds lots of texture for styling, and smells awesome.
  4. Dove Refresh +Care Detoxify & Purify – Walgreens $5.79 – Similar to the Herbal Essence one mentioned above, this dry shampoo does a fantastic job of refreshing your hair and making it feel clean.
  5. Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo – Walmart $2.94 – This dry shampoo does the job of refreshing your mane, NOT costing a fortune, and smells good. My only issue with this particular one, was that if sprayed to close to the roots, I would have to be conscious about brushing out the excess powder.

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