Bath toy clean up

Okay, I’m a little to embarrassed to admit this, but it never occurred to me to sanitize the inside of my LOs bath toys. Now, wiping down the outside and rinsing off – yes. The inside? Never really crossed my mind until recently when my husband was giving H a bath and squirted her in the face with something black and gross. ICK. Immediately bumped “sanitizing bath toys” to the very top of my to do list.

What you need:

– white vinegar

-two large bowls or plastic containers

-bath toys/teething toys 



  1. First, gather all of your LOs bath toys – even the teething ones like the beloved Sophie.


  1. Next, grab your biggest (and deepest) plastic container or bowl.
  2. Partially fill the container with white vinegar. (I figured you could probably use bleach, but something about using bleach on her toys scares me a little bit.)


  1. One at a time, take each toy and squeeze in vinegar as you would water to play.
  2. Allow toys to soak for about 30 minutes.
  3. Once 30 minutes or so have past, squeeze out the vinegar. This is particularly tricky because some of the toys have designs that make it difficult to COMPLETELY squeeze out their contents.
  4. Rinse the toys with some water to clean off excess vinegar, and then allow to dry.

Now, I’m not sure if this is the BEST way to sanitize the insides of bath toys, but it couldn’t hurt and I’m sure did some sort of sanitation.

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