Visit: Fairfax Station Railroad Museum

This week I learned of the existence of the Fairfax Station Railroad Museum in Fairfax County, VA. Open on Sundays from 1-4, some Saturdays and Mondays too, this quaint museum is great for a quick afternoon outing for all ages. $4 for children/adults 16+, $2 for children ages 5-15, and free for those under 5, this museum was the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.


This former train station dates back to 1854 and was a key player for supply and medical transportation in the Civil War. To further it’s historic value, Clara Barton worked there during the Second Battle of Bull Run.

Set off a windy road set back from Rt. 123, this museum is a must see. In addition to maps, explanations of train types, and more, the main building holds lots of events – today being make your own train themed Valentine’s. In addition to the main room, you can meander through the old ticket office where there are office relics that help depict what communication methods were like back then, as well as a room with an expansive toy train that visitors can control. Once you have seen enough you end your tour at the gift shop.



Outside there is an old caboose car that you are able to walk inside of. Inside, there are a few displays to view and peruse. Also on the grounds there are a few other train cars and machines to view, picnic tables, as well as plenty of room for LOs to run around and explore. The museum can be rented for birthday parties and other events – something we will definitely be keeping in mind for future celebrations.




After our time at the museum, we drove about 15 minutes away to Mustang Sally Brewing Company in Chantilly. The facilities are clean and modern with an industrial touch. With a variety of thirst quenching beers and snacks as well as corn hole and over-sized Jenga, you could easily spend a few hours on a weekend afternoon here.

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