Valentine’s Day Celebrations for LOs

I have never really liked Valentine’s Day, except for the fact that it marks a one week countdown to my birthday. It seems silly to show such outward declarations of love and appreciation for the world to see on ONE day when we have 365 to work with. Shouldn’t we show love and kindness to one another year round? With that said however, we still do recognize the holiday in our house, and with a LO, I fully intend on making it a special day for her as well.

Due to the fact that this year Valentine’s Day falls on Tuesday and will be spent at our respective works/schools, our celebration came a little bit early. Crafts, art, and of course – sugar. (I had wanted to bake some funfetti cupcakes and brownies, but our oven decided this was the time it wanted to stop working, so Dunkin Donuts to the rescue!)


If I haven’t raved enough about it already, the $1 section at Target has seriously stepped up in terms of the types of items they sell. On any given day you can find an array of perfectly curated and themed collections that are beyond affordable. It is almost addicting, trying to check it out frequently as they change their items out on a pretty regularly basis.

It was during the first few days of their Valentine’s roll out that I was able to pick up a few of the items that ensured a glittery and sweet Vday celebration with our LO. I found a pack of these miniature “Play Packs” valentines for H’s class. I personally love having these packets on hand for easy entertainment while we are out, and I hope her classmates feel the same. I also picked up some cute cardboard unicorns, markers, and stickers. H used these to create cute Valentine’s for her grandparents and other family members. H LOVES peeling and sticking stickers, an activity that is great for exercising her fine motor skills.







For our table decor, I found a felt mailbox and miniature sticky notes. Throughout the month of February, we can leave sweet notes to one another – in an effort to show appreciate for one another beyond the 14th.


I also found cute wooden dice that spell out different Valentine’s Day themed words and a simple garland. Together they had a punch of love and color to our table; and will double as a toy for H when February is over.



I challenge each of you to try showing someone an act of kindness, great or small, to someone unsuspecting at some point throughout the year.


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