Visit: US Botanic Garden + District Taco

After being cooped up in our house yesterday due to freezing rain, we were ecstatic to wake up to sunny blue skies and a bit of warmth. Determined to enjoy it, and because we will be avoiding the city as much as possible in the upcoming week, we headed into DC for a little pre-lunch tourism and family fun. Our intended plans of showing H the Museum of Natural History was quickly thwarted with a line that wrapped around the entire block. Since we were working with a small window and because she is extremely wiggly, we quickly aborted these plans and headed closer to the US Capitol to the US Botanic Garden. A bit quieter from the flow of tourists at the other Smithsonians, we were able to find free parking directly across the street. We first toured the outdoor garden space, enjoying the winding gravel paths, plants of all varieties, looking at birds (aka peep-peeps), and relished in the fact that we were the only ones there. It was quite a pleasant way to spend a Sunday morning.




Next, we headed into the building. Probably not unknown to most, we were pleasantly surprised that it was free to visit. For some reason we had it in our heads that it required admissions, so when the amount of time we are able to spend at a museum is unknown, free is always appreciated.


Walking around the Botanic Gardens was wonderful. We had no idea how expansive the inside is, and loved showing H all of the different plants and flowers. She enjoyed looking at the plants, and I can only imagine how awe-inspiring it must have been from her tiny perspective (Honey I Shrunk the Kids anyone?).






After our garden tours, we headed out of the city to District Taco. YUM. So delicious, so filling, and hey – learned you can eat black beans with your hands. Their 3 for $8 custom tacos are on point, and their $5 kids meals are big enough for leftovers and many meals to come.



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