New Years Eve Ideas for LOs

A long, long, time ago in what feels like a galaxy far, far away, we used to LOVE securing tickets to big events in the city to ring in the new year. However, as I have gotten older my desire to spend lots of money on these types of events has diminished. Sure going out is fun, but so is doing something intimate and low key like hosting a dinner party for friends.

Now that my LO is more like a kid and less like a glow worm, I wanted to introduce her to the idea of NYE and throw our own little New Years Eve (afternoon) bash at home. The week after Christmas is awesome for sales in all types of merchandise, and the $1 section at Target is no different. While on my weekly trip, I found gold and silver glitter marked down to $0.50 each, a cardboard “gingerbread” house for $1.50, some miniature disco ball party hats for $3 (pack of 6), and some other goodies. I decided to scoop up these items and create a fun craft filled “party” for H and I to have together.



We dined on fruit and  Nutella sandwiches cut into star shapes with a cookie cutter, sipped on sparkling apple cider, and went crazy with the glitter. One of my favorite things that we did was created the new tradition of “new year, new life”. I’ve been needing a reason to plant this baby rosemary plant I’ve been nursing along, so I grabbed it and a small pot, and together we planted our new “life”. Even though she is still very little, I like the idea of her helping me plant something that we can watch grow together as the year goes on.



(Do not fear – LO’s was REALLLLLLY watered down and in a sippy cup.)




(Yes that is a David Bowie from the Labyrinth shirt I’m wearing. You remind me of the babe…)


How do you like to celebrate NYE with your LOs? What New Years Eve ideas do you have to older kids?

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