Babylist Gift Guide

With the holidays fast approaching, you may be in need of purchasing gifts for someone you know who is expecting or has recently had a new addition to their family. Sarah from and I have rounded up a few of the things that made our transition into parenthood A LOT easier!





  1. Fisher-Price Deluxe Bouncer chair – Target – $44.99 // No need for the super expensive, super fancy chairs. These simple vibrating chairs did the trick to keep H calm and happy at all times. We used this chair from early on until she was about 9 – 10 months old (then she got too wiggly and frankly too big for it). Target has a few other options of styles all in the same price range.
  2. Munchkin STEP Diaper Pail – Target – $56.99 // Even though this is one of the more pricier diaper pails out there, the price is worth it. Sleek in design and easy to use, this pail is powered by Arm and Hammer and does a fantastic job of keeping unwanted smells in. Using a diaper pail is so beneficial so that you do not have to have stinky trash or be constantly taking trash out.
  3. Britax Backseat Mirror – Target – $16.29 // I can’t say enough good things about the backseat mirrors. Instead of guessing and fumbling around trying to hand your LO their pacifier/toy/cup/whatever, you can easily glance in your rear view mirror to check on them and their needs. With easily adjustable straps, you can position the mirror to whatever angle works best for you.
  4. WubbaNub pacifiers – Target – $13.99 // You can actually buy these little guys at a number of retailers. They come in a wide range of animals and will last your LO a long time. Because of the little animal attached to the pacifier, LOs are easily able to hold on to their pacifier longer than the regular ones, and put it back in their mouths if it drops out. What is even better is that these little guys are machine washer safe. We ended up buying a few so that we constantly had one to give H when the others were getting laundered.
  5. Angelcare baby monitor – Target – $91.99 // Okay, so apparently there are mixed reviews on these monitor systems. Speaking from personal experience however, we LOVED having this system around. Yes, you should not solely rely on ANY one thing when you are discussing your child’s safety. However, being a sleep deprived momma, this monitor system gave both my husband and I a better peace of mind at night. With a sensitive alarm that will jolt you out of bed (you can adjust it to your comfort), I knew that even if the alarm went off as a mistake, it was doing it’s job of alerting me to check on H. I would recommend this system with the caveat that you should do your research and choose whichever makes the most sense for you and your family.
  6.  Curved Puppy Pillow – Amazon- // $20 This pillow was one of the items we wouldn’t leave the house without when going over to a friends on a trip for the first 6months with Grace. When she was a newborn it was great for nursing. Most pillows are really thick but this one is about 6inches high and I often stacked on top of my Boppy while nursing. After feedings or when she was awake and wanted to look around it was the perfect size for her to lay on because it didn’t put her at a severe angle since she couldn’t support her head.
  7. Pacifier Clips – Etsy- $8 // Once Grace started using a Pacifier we found having it clipped to her or my diaper bag was a must. This way when it falls out it doesn’t fall on the floor and you don’t have to worry about constantly cleaning it. Also when it came to packing her diaper bag I love to have it clipped on the side knowings its there instead of having to dig for ages making sure I have one. You can grab them in stores like targetbuy buy baby, and ToysRus, but personally I love searching through Etsy and supporting a mama making a profit at home.
  8. Phil and Ted Clip on Highchair -Target- $89 // This is one of the pricier items that I was hesitant on investing in. I didn’t know how we were going to fit a high chair into our apartment and we don’t even have a dining room table that we eat at. In on our one bedroom we have our kitchen island that we eat at and this clip on high chair was the answer to our small space conundrum. Not only do we use it in our apartment but we bring it whenever we visit friends and family. It quickly folds into a flat purse that it comes with and goes right into our diaper bag.
  9. FP BeatBo – Target- $32 // I hate to love this toy but I love it because Grace LOVES IT. I MEAN SHE STILL LOVES IT at 9 months old! It’s the not cute toy that you have to own and you can thank me later. It sings, it dances, it records your voice singing, and lights up. In our group of friends it has become the “right of passage gift” to new parents. Welcome to the parents club and learn all the words to every song, “FREEZE! BE VERY VERY STILL” -You will soon understand.
  10. Go Gaga Teeth Toy – $12  // Finally a chic toy my kid is in love with (thank Gawd)! I am sure you are familiar with KiKi or Sophie and for the right reasons.  For months we wouldn’t go anywhere without grabbing KiKi (she’s Ellie in our home). Even before Grace was teething she would laugh at the sight of her. Luckily we got more than one at our showers because it’s a little known fact that I love elephants and we keep one in the car and one at home.

Of course you’ll find that parenting is a day-to-day adventure. Every child is different, as are their likes/dislikes. Maybe your child never took to pacifiers or you had strong opinions on snaps vs. zips when it came to pajamas (we had snaps but LOVED the zips esp. in the first few months when you are zombie-status and change diapers like a robot).

What are some of the things that you had on your baby checklist and loved having as a new mom? Would love to hear from you in the comments below!

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