Small details

Sometimes when we set out to decorate and furnish our homes, we focus on the big and grand pieces that are obvious statements. While this is important, it is also important to not overlook the small details while decorating your space. Whether it is an old perfume bottle on a shelf (something that my grandmother did that I loved and have since emulated in my own home), the positioning of items on your coffee table, or even the knickknacks on your shelf – sometimes the real interest and personality shines through these small details.

Unsure of where to start? Take into consideration items that you already have laying around your house. It is impossible to not accumulate small items in your life, and these items tend to sit in drawers or closets for all of time. When you have some time, walk around your space, play with moving items around (sometimes that is all it takes to fall back in love with your space and decor), or think of different ways to use items. You may also want to consider things such as: color palettes, patterns and design, size, and even the juxtaposition of certain items in unexpected places (ie- old fashioned shoe horn on a stack of books).

Below are some ways that I have utilized unique items around our home.


Coffee table vibes that aren’t breakable by a toddler. Goodbye my beautiful slate coasters and hello cardboard ones from breweries we visit (thankfully the colors match our decor and add a conversation piece to our space).


I know it sounds ridiculous, but lately I have been really enjoying how this glass shelf in our powder room is looking. Another plus to just looking pretty? It didn’t break the bank (or even a 12 yr old’s weekly allowance) to create. Candle and faux flowers are from IKEA and the jar of matches was something I created.


Have a random glass or mug laying around the house that you are unsure of what to do with? Try using it is a windowsill pot for a small plant like a succulent.


Use an old stack of magazines as a staging ground for a potted orchid or other plant. Paired on a shelf with photos and other items, the slight height difference can a bit more personality to your space.


Dark bedroom furniture? Off set dark colors by pairing them with a light neutral. This combination will look clean and simple. Another trick you can try, is turning your books around so only the pages are showing. The uniform color of the pages instantly simplifies a space and adds clean lines.


Try filling a glass jar with a random item such as sea glass, shells, or even buttons. It’ll be a unique piece to your shelf and add a level of interest to the room.


Try using a vintage style glass for makeup brush storage. Even though this glass is faux-vintage, I instantly fell in love with it because of it’s hot pink color. I love the pop that it adds to my bathroom vanity!


Similar to above, I like to use mercury glass and vintage styled jars to store Q-Tips and cotton balls. These jars make these normal items look pretty and chic.


Try placing art in unexpected spaces. This Andy Warhol print is hanging in my closet above my dresser. By having it in there, it transforms a basic space into something a bit more special.


Arrange perfume bottles on an antique tray. The bottles themselves are pretty and unique, but add another level of interest when placed on a small old tray.

While you are snowed in this winter, try rearranging your spaces whether small or big, and see if you can fall in love again with your space.

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