Black walls

Lately I have been absolutely LOVING the black wall trend. If it is done right, it can look so chic, bold, modern, clean – basically everything you want in a statement wall. For instance, I LOVE this one that was featured in article about neutrals on m|pression’s website.


In order to pull this trend off there are a few things to keep in mind so that your space will look like something out of a Restoration Hardware catalog and not a cave.


How to pull off a black wall:

  • Make sure that the room gets a decent amount of natural light. Natural light is your best asset in most instances, and this is not different. The natural light will brighten up the darkness of the color.
  • Off set the your statement wall with bright white trim. The contrast of the white and black will help keep the room fresh feeling.
  • Use simple décor. Try keeping the rest of the décor in the room minimal. If you are using the statement wall in a bedroom, lighten things up with a white down comforter and pillows.

So many paint retailers have a wide array of blacks, it would be really hard to choose. When looking at them, take notice of the blacks that are on the lighter side – erring more towards a dark gray palette, the ones that have slight tones of purple/green/blue, or the ones that are jet black – and see which fits your space and style the best. Currently, I am obsessing over Benjamin Moore’s Raccoon Fur shade.


Now if only I could convince my husband that we need a black accent wall in our house…



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