DIY craft – Anthro knockoff

While waiting in line today at Anthropologie (if you are interested in purchasing the real thing), I noticed a small glass bottle that contained matches sitting pretty next to their beautiful candle display. I was all about to add it to my basket, when I turned it over and saw that this simple item was $16*!


I quickly returned it to the shelf, and thought “why not try and recreate this at home?” There are many ways you can recreate this item. I went to three different stores trying to find the perfect match (no pun intended) for the glass jar. Unfortunately, I was unable to find its replica, but found a decent substitute at World Market instead.

What you need:

-glass jar


-some sort of ribbon or twine



Take your ribbon/twine and tightly wind it around the neck of the jar. You could add a small add on, charm, custom label, or tag to this if you are using it as a gift for someone or simply want to jazz it up a little. You could even add a tiny sprig or dried lavender for a more rustic or therapeutic touch.


Add your matches and secure lid.

Time for project: 5 minutes

Cost of items: TBD – This will all depend on what you have laying around your house, or how unique you want your match jar to be. For me, I only spent $0.99 on the jar from World Market  (I was able to purchase one jar vs. the set of of 6).

*Due to current sales, this item is currently advertised online for $5. Similar items on their site retail at $10 as well.

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