Un chapeau, or three…

Lately, I have been LOVING the structured felt hat trend. Whether it is fedora, floppy, gray, maroon, hunter green – they are all awesome and instantly transform any outfit. I especially think that they look amazing when worn with solid colors, jeans, and other casual wear.

This tan fedora and medium gray floppy hat are both purchases from Nordstrom Rack. Both hats were under $20 each, which I felt justified something that I didn’t need in my closet, but really wanted. I also feel that with trendy items, you should buy lower cost. That way if they go out in a season, you haven’t wasted a fortune. Another reason being, as most trendy items are – options are bountiful. By buying items on sale, you can afford to have a few different ones in your closet at a time.


  1. Wide-brimmed Italian wool hat – J. Crew – on sale for $60
  2. Felt fedora with black ribbon (in maroon) – Target – $25
  3.  Felt fedora in navy with silver studs – Target – $25
  4. Brixton Dallas hat (in moss) – Madewell – $86
  5. Felt Boater Hat – PacSun – $35

These are just a few of the toppers that I currently am window shopping online. Some are higher end and some are more affordable ones. What do you think about the felt hat trend? What are some of your favorite ways to style yours?

…and because life isn’t perfect, here are a few outtakes from my “hat shoot”. Our dog does not like hats, so in all of the photos he was sitting directly in front of me barking.

Also, the “fashion” shoots are a COMPLETE work in progress with me directing my patient husband as what I’m looking for.

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