An array of sunnies

“Accessories are like vitamins to fashion such as, you should use them liberally.”

– Anna Della Russo 

It is becoming quite apparent to me that I enjoy having options of things in my closet. Whether it is shoes, bags, statement jewelry – whatever. Sunglasses are no different. How often do you wake up feeling like you have nothing to wear as you stare at a closet overflowing with pieces? When you get dressed you are in a mood, and that mood usually transforms itself in what you pick out. Even though there are certain face types that people have paired with various types of frame styles, I believe that your eye wear can also be catered to your mood and daily style. I have unintentionally grown my collection over the course of several years; and even when I add new pairs, there are a few that are always my go-to pairs.

If you are interested in more information about finding what others say is the best fit for you face shape, check out this chart from Sunglass Warehouse.

What types of styles are you currently loving for your eye wear? What other accessories trends are you loving right now?

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