Five minute makeup

Weekday mornings in my house start early, and consist of getting our lives in order, planning ahead, and chugging a cup of coffee. I don’t have time to primp in front of the mirror for hours, so a quick and easy make up routine that will last through the day is exactly what I need. Not all of the below products I use EVERYDAY, but the majority of them are in my normal makeup routine.



  1. ELF matte eye shadow palette – $10 – This palette is VERY comparable to the Naked by Urban Decay palette and is 1/5 the price. I used the Naked palette for a few years, but have been completely happy with this ELF one.
  2. NARS eye paint eyeliner – $25 – I purchased this eyeliner a few months ago while at a NARS makeup event. I love this liner, however because you have to apply it with a flat lined brush and requires a steady hand, I reserve this for special occasions. Instead, I use Maybelline’s Line Stiletto liquid eyeliner ($4) for my day-to-day face.
  3. Smashbox Brow Tech To Go – $28 – As I have grown older, my brows have become lighter. I am a huge fan of “natural looking” makeup, so when I decided that my brows needed help, I was a bit worried about looking overdone. This pencil is amazing. I have been using it for a few years now, and is one of the three things I will ALWAYS swipe on my “no makeup” days.
  4. Marcelle Ultimate Volume mascara – $13 – To be honest, I do not have a go-to mascara. I tend to buy whatever I find at the drugstore, or whatever comes in my Birchbox subscription. A few months ago, this little guy came, and I have nothing but good things to say. It comes with a curled wand that helps keep your lashes curled, and I have not noticed my lashes clumping together in weird, spider-like ways.
  5. Milk highlighter – $24 – This highlighter was another sample that came in one of my Birchbox subscriptions. I was never quite sure what to do with highlighter before, but once I started using this guy, I can understand what all of the hype is about. One quick swoop on your cheekbone gives a little bit of shine and helps add definition to your face.
  6. Neutrogena 3 in in eye concealer – $8 – A little bit goes a long way with this concealer. Again, I do not like an overdone face. Like my #3 item, I always make sure to add a little concealer under my eyes no matter what. It blends in easily and adds enough coverage for a busy day ahead.
  7. Mario Badescu facial spray – $7 – This facial spray is made with aloe, herbs, and rose water. Not only does rose water help gently tone the skin, but also hydrates really well. I carried this spray with me everywhere this summer, as it made for a great refresher after hot pool days and long car trips. In addition to being a quick refresher for your face, it smells AMAZING.
  8. Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Day Tiny Moisturizer – $48 – This was another sample I received in a Birchbox, and was one of the few items that I went out and purchased the full sized version of shortly after. Even though I do not use this product everyday, I do use it when I’m feeling a bit pale. It doesn’t dry out my skin and adds a great base color.

Pictured in the bottom left photo:

  1. Revlon PhotoReady pressed powder – $11 – Similar to my mascara, powder is another item that I try different ones of. So far, I have been happy with this pressed powder by Revlon. A few light swipes in the T-zone and I am good to go.
  2. Naked by Urban Decay ‘Flushed’ palette – $32 – This palette contains a bronzer, highlighter, and blush. You can use each one individually, or swipe on all three. I have been using this one for a few years now, and have loved the subtle color it gives my face.


I don’t always wear lip color, but I have come to really like the three above. From left to right: Lolli balm hydrating lip tint ($18), Arrow Boost Color Enhancing Lip Balm ($14), & Laqa & Co. Cheeky Lip ($20)

I am not claiming to be a makeup artist, and in fact would say that in recent years have taken more interest in the products I buy and application techniques. If you have any product suggestions, or raves, leave them in the comments below!

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