Children’s magnetic tin

A long time ago, I found a set of letters made out of cork. I purchased them not really knowing what exactly I was going to do with them. H has played with them from time to time, but more just to turn them over in her hands. I wanted to give these cool letters more of a purpose, so off we went to our local craft store.

There, we purchased a roll of magnetic strip; and stumbled upon these cute wooden animals. There was a huge variety of animals, clouds, flowers, shapes, etc. Next, we went looking for a metal lunchbox that would serve as the storage space as well as playing space for our letters (hello, travel games that don’t need to be charged!) After unsuccessfully searching, we moved on to continue our hunt at Target. There we also struck out, so I had to get creative. Walking down the holiday snack aisle, I found a tin that came with three types of nuts. Even though it wasn’t exactly my initial vision for this project, it will do – plus, now we have a holiday ready snack for our next gathering.

First, decide what objects you’d like to use for your LO. While perusing the craft store, I saw many items that would be great for this to help with fine motor skills and learning. Foam stickers, fuzzy poms poms, buttons, etc. – all would be great, and could be switched out depending on your LO’s interests or what you’d like them to learn at the time.


Once you have decided on your objects, cut small snippets of the magnet and stick to the back of each piece. This worked well for the cork letters, however, the longer strips I cut for the animals started to peel up on the ends. Smaller pieces seemed to work best; but I would imagine adhering the magnet strips to your choice object with hot glue or another strong adhesive would also work well.



Really, that’s it! Super easy, super portable, super educational. Now let’s see how long H will play with it…


Item breakdown:

  • wooden animals  – $1.29/each
  • magnet strip – $3.29
  • tin (w/ nuts) – $10.99

Time for project: about 20 minutes

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