Visit: 50 West Winery

Raise your hand if you ever experience the “Monday Fear”? It’s a thing. Google it. In a nutshell, “Monday Fear” is that feeling that you get around late afternoon on a Sunday. That fear of the work week ahead, and the dread you have about not having endless minutes and hours to do with as you please. Recently however, I read an article stating the best way to fight that fear. Go out. Plan something. Fight the fear with continuing the weekend. Sunday Funday if you will – but not the kind that starts with bottomless mimosas and ends with your head ringing. The kind of things that keep you busy and interested. Pumped and enthused for more.

We have started adopting this philosophy. Instead of lounging around dreading the next five workdays – we have been going out and doing something for an hour or two to round out our weekend. Believe me, it works.

Today’s Sunday night adventure was a drive out west to a winery. 5o West is conveniently located on Rt. 50 (imagine that); and is open until 6:30 pm on Sundays. Instead of doing a tasting and wrangling a wiggly toddler, we decided to use our VA Wine Pass and purchased a bottle. 50 West honors VA Wine Passes with a 25% off any bottle purchase. If doing a tasting is of more interest to you, they offer a traditional tasting, as well as flight option of three pours. The tasting room isn’t huge, but the set up is lovely. They have taken a barn and made it into an open walled room. Inside, there are plenty of 4 seat tables with views of the mountains and grapes. Outside, there is a patio illuminated with rustic lights and equipped with tables, as well as many picnic tables strewn about the lawn.

We decided to take our bottle and some snacks from home, and picnicked outside while H ran around collecting leaves. The views at 50 West are beautiful, and the atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming. If you fall in love with 50 West as much as we did, you may decide to become a member. Not sure what all the membership entails, but there was quite an expansive club house for members adjacent to the tasting room parking lot.

For more information visit 50 West Vineyard.


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