Visit: East Gallery DC + Astro Donuts


Growing up, my parents and grandparents would take us to various museums and exhibits wherever we were. My grandmother referred to this as “getting cultured” – a phrase that I have grown to love, and now willing choose to do with my own family. With the reopening of the East  Gallery in DC, we decided to take a break from our usual weekend trips out west and headed in the opposite direction.

Sometimes I wage a debate in my head about whether the infant stage is easier or if the toddler stage is easier. I have come to the conclusion that it really depends on what it is, the time it will take, the time of day, and let’s be real the day itself (i.e. – sometimes H will allow us to sit through a meal, and other days she won’t even when all other factors are the same.) Today’s adventure came after a BIG breakfast, before nap time, and a bag equipped with snacks. Thankfully, H LOVED being out and about getting “cultured”.

The “new” East Gallery was beautiful. The layout is mostly the same, but there seem to be an increase in art to see. We usually go to the Hirshorn a few times a year because of their unique sculptures and modern art. The East Gallery was always nice, but there never seemed to be a lot there. The revamped Gallery however seems to have taken note of the Hirshorn’s style, and added many more pieces for a variety of interest.

My grandmother would always buy us a postcard from our various outings. When we returned home, she would have us sit down and write where and when we went, as well as what was something that we liked. To this day, I still have my postcards from our adventures, and love looking back at what I wrote. Now, I like to do the same with H. When she is older, I will ask her to write down her thoughts about each place, and hope that she will cherish them for years to come.


On our way home, we stopped at Astro Donuts and Fried Chicken in Falls Church. The shop is small, but the artisanal donuts are awesome. More importantly however is their fried chicken sandwich. This sandwich can be custom made with a variety of breads, sauces, and extra toppings. We always get the fried chicken sandwich on the donut bun with Siracha Mayo. AWESOME. (Just don’t think about the calories.)





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